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  • Children's Choir Vesna
  • Children's Choir Vesna
  • Children's Choir Vesna
  • Children's Choir Vesna
  • Children's Choir Vesna
  • Children's Choir Vesna
  • Children's Choir Vesna
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VESNA is a music choir school whose main goal is to teach children to see the beauty, to shape their artistic taste. Thus very serious attention is paid to the repertoire. The “golden oldies” the Choir performs are pieces by Mozart, Schubert, Handel, Rheiberger, Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Rakhmaninov, Sviridov, Chesnokov, Rubin, Mellnes, Britten, Podgaits and others.

Over almost half a century of the Choir’s life, it has performed hundreds of pieces ranging from ancient Russian chants to modern avant-garde, from simple folk songs to complex monumental works, pieces with orchestra, organ, piano, a capella, secular and church music by Russian and foreign composers.

One of VESNA’s trademarks is performance of large-form pieces of classical and modern music, such as ‘Gloria’ by Vivaldi, ‘Die sieben Worte’ and ‘Heiligmesse’ by Haydn, ‘Stabat Mater’ by Pergolesi, ‘Magnificat’ by Monteverdi, ‘Missa brevis’ and ‘Ceremony of carols’ by Britten and many others.

An artistic collaboration of many years has associated the Choir with the Moscow composer Efrem Podgaits. His most distinguished pieces were composed especially for VESNA: the concerto ‘Seasons’, ‘New York Mass’, ‘Missa Veris’, the cantata ‘How to paint a bird’.

The Choir’s diverse repertoire and the versatile talent with which it is performed, is part of its foundation that determines VESNA’s never-ending artistic growth.





  • Dogmaticon of the 1 Echos of the Russian chant ‘Vsemirnuyu slavu’ (‘Glory of all the world’)
  • Sticheron of the 5 Echos of the Bulgarian chant ‘Tebe odeyuschagosya’ (‘O Thou Who Coverest Thyself with Light’)
  • Prose of the Kievan chant ‘Dostoyno yest’ (‘It is truly meet’)



Cyclical form

  • Dmitry Bortnyansky. Three-part Liturgy
  • Glory to the Father, and to the Son
  • Cherubic Hymn
  • Veruyu (I believe)
  • Tebe poyem (We praise Thee)
  • Dostoyno yest (It is Truly Meet)
  • Otche nash (Our Father)
  • Hvalite Gospoda s nebes (Praise the Lord)

Choral miniatures

  • D. Bortnyansky. Mnogaya leta (Many Years!)
  • Spiritual verse. On the Descent of the Holy Spirit
  • Christmas canticle. Heaven and Earth
  • Artemy Vedel. Cherubic Hymn



Church music

  • M. Musorgsky. Angel vopiyashe/The angel exclaimed (adaptation by N.Averina)
  • P. Tchaikovsky. Da ispravitsya molitva moya/ Let my prayer be set forth before Thee (adaptation by N.Averina)
  • P. Tchaikovsky. Blazhen muzh/Blessed is the men (adaptation by P.Chesnokov)


Secular music


Opera choruses

  • P. Tchaikovsky. Lullaby from "Iolanthe"
  • P. Tchaikovsky. Chorus of maidens from "Eugene Onegin"


  • S. Taneyev. Mountain peaks (poem by M. Lermontov)
  • A. Rubinstein. Mountain peaks (poem by M. Lermontov)
  • A. Dargomyzhsky. Maidens, pretty maidens all (poem by A. Pushkin)
  • P. Tchaikovsky. The Dawn (poem by I. Surikov, arrangement by A. Ponomaryov)

Choral miniatures

  • C. Cui. The waves are dreaming lightly (poem by K.R.)
  • N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Kitty-cat (folk lyrics)
  • N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Golden Cloudlet (poem by M. Lermontov)
  • N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Octave (poem by A.Maikov, adaptation by A. Ponomaryov)
  • N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Wicker fence (adaptation of Russian folk song)

Church Music

  • A. Kastalsky. Miloserdiya dveri otverzni nam/ Opened wide the portals of Thy tender mercy unto us
  • A. Kastalsky. Tebe poyem/We praise Thee
  • A. Kastalsky. Hvalite Imya Gospodne/ Praise the name of the Lord
  • P. Chesnokov. Priidite, ublazhim Iosifa (From Vespers)/Come hither to appease Joseph
  • P. Chesnokov. Cherubic Hymn (a-moll, op.44, adaptation by N. Averina)
  • P. Chesnokov. Cherubic Hymn (Sophronius’)(g-moll, op.27, adaptation by N. Averina)
  • P. Chesnokov. Da ispravitsya molitva moya/ Let my prayer be set forth before Thee (adaptation by N. Averina)
  • P. Chesnokov. Spiritual choruses from op.9
  • Dostoyno yest (It is Truly Meet)
  • Milost’ mira (Mercy of Peace)
  • Svete tikhy (O, Gladsome Radience)
  • Hvalite Gospoda s nebes (Praise the Lord)

Cyclical forms

  • S. Rakhmaninov. Six choruses with the lyrics by Russian poets, op.15
  • Slavsya/Be praised (poem by N. Nekrasov)
  • The Night (poem by V. Lodyzhensky)
  • The Pine-tree (poem by M. Lermontov)
  • The waves are dreaming lightly (poem by K.R.)
  • Captivity (poem by N. Tsyganov)
  • The Angel (poem by M. Lermontov)
  • A. Grechaninov. Ai-dudu. The cycle of choruses for children with the folk lyrics, op.31
  • Ai-dudu
  • The Call to Spring
  • Vaska the Goat
  • Out there in the field there stands an oak-tree
  • Lullaby
  • Ten’- ten’- poteten’

Choral miniatures

  • M. Antsev. The waves are dreaming lightly (poem by K.R.)
  • M. Ippolitov-Ivanov. By a sharp axe (poem by A. Tolstoy)
  • V. Kalinnikov. The Lark (poem by V. Zhukovskogo)
  • P. Chesnokov. The Green Noise (poem by N. Nekrasov)
  • S. Rakhmaninov. Vocalise (adaptation by S. Sosnin)

Adaptations of the folk songs

  • A. Lyadov. My river
  • A. Lyadov. In the meadows
  • A. Lyadov. Lullaby
  • N. Leontovich. Schedrik
  • S. Vasilenko. Swanmaiden



Cyclical forms

  • E. Podgaits. Poetry of the Earth. Cantata for children’s choir a capella, op.34. Written for VESNA
  • On the Grasshopper and the Cricket (poem by J. Keats, translation by S. Marshak)
  • Block city (poem by R. Stevenson, translated by V. Bryusov)
  • Autumn (poem by G. Appolinaire, translated by M. Kudinov)
  • The tide in the river (poem by E. Farjeohn, translated by V. Oryol)
  • Laughing song (poem by W. Blake, translated by S. Marshak)
  • Butterfly (poem by H. Himenes, translated by A. Geleskul)
  • The poetry of the Earth (poem by J. Keats, translation by S. Marshak)
  • Choral (poem by W. Blake, translated by S. Marshak)
  • E. Podgaits. Moon flute. Cantata for children’s choir and instrumental ensemble based on the story ‘Old French song’ by S. Kozlov, op.51. Written for VESNA
  • E. Podgaits. Seasons. 12 parts for children’s choir and the piano. Poem by S. Kozlov. Op.63. Written for VESNA
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • April
    • May
    • June
    • July
    • August
    • September
    • October
    • November
    • December
  • E. Podgaits. Black pool. Opera-cantata in 6 parts for children choir and an orchestra. Based on the story by S.Kozlov. Op.62. Written for VESNA
  • E. Podgaits. Ode on a Grecian urn (poem by J.Keats)
  • I. Krasilnikov. Landscapes. Suite for children’s choir a capella (poem by I. Bunin)
    • First nightingale
    • Two rainbows
    • The spring-well
    • The forest
    • First snow
    • The world of God

Choral miniatures

  • E. Podgaits. The girl was singing in a church choir (poem by A. Blok)
  • E. Podgaits. Rat (text by the African tribe Ibo, translated by V. Oryol). For choir with percussion ensemble
  • E. Podgaits. Tongue-twisters (folk lyrics)
  • E. Podgaits. Dithyramb
  • V. Rubin. To get the spelling-books (poem by V. Nekrasov)
  • V. Rubin. Who we are singing to (folk lyrics)
  • T. Popatenko. Birch tree (poem by S. Esenin)
  • V. Shebalin. Winter road (poem by A. Pushkin)




Church music

  • D. Caccini. Ave Maria (adapted by A. Ponomaryov)
  • O. Lasso. Verbum саго
  • O. Lasso. Oculus non vidit
  • Christmas song, 14th cent. Josef, lieber Josef mein<

Secular music

  • J. Obrecht. La tortorella
  • E. Widmann. Madrigal
  • H. Hassler. Tanzen und springen
  • J. Gallus. Ascendit Deus
  • O. Lasso. Echo
  • O. Lasso. Bonjour
  • T. Morley. Now is the month of maying
  • P. Passereau. Il est bel et bon



Cyclical forms

  • C. Monteverdi. Magnificat (for 6 voice parts and basso continue, adapted by A. Ponomaryov)
  • G. Pergolesi. Stabat Mater (for lead singers, children’s choir and orchestra)
  • A. Scarlatti. Stabat Mater (for lead singers, children’s choir and orchestra, adapted by A. Ponomaryov)
  • A. Vivaldi. Gloria (for lead singers, choir and orchestra, adapted by A. Ponomaryov)
  • J. Haydn. Messe in В (Heiligmesse) (for lead singers, choir and orchestra, adapted by A. Ponomaryov)
  • W. Mozart. Missa brevis in В-dur KV 275 (for lead singers, choir and orchestra, adapted by S. Strohbach)

Choral miniatures

  • A. Lotti. Vere lanquores nostros
  • D. Martini. Tristis est anima meo
  • J. Bach. Domine Deus
  • H. Purcell. Sound the trumpet
  • H. Purcell. Evensong (adapted by V.Popov)
  • W. Mozart. Chorus from ‘Magic flute’ opera
  • W. Mozart. Summer night
  • W. Mozart. ABC
  • W. Mozart. Glory to the Sun. Canon
  • J. Bachofen. On music



Cyclical forms

  • J. Rheinberger. Missa brevis in A-dur, op. 126 (for children’s choir and organ)

Choral miniatures

  • F. Schubert. Serenade (Die Standchen)
  • F. Schubert. Psalm 23
  • R. Schumann. Evening star (adapted by A.Ponomaryov)
  • H. Pfeil. Lakes are sleeping
  • G. Werner. Heidenroslein
  • J. Brahms. In stiller Nacht
  • J. Brahms. Ave Maria
  • J. Brahms. О bone Jesu
  • F. Mendelssohn. Tiercet of angels from “Elijah” oratorio
  • F. Mendelssohn. Forest



Cyclical forms

  • B. Britten. Missa brevis in D (op.63, for children’ choir and organ)
  • B. Britten. A ceremony of carols (op.28, for children’s choir and harp in 11 perts)

Choir miniatures

  • Z. Kodaly. Ave Maria
  • Z. Kodaly. Night in the mountains (#2, E-dur)
  • E. Elgar. Lullaby
  • G. Erdmann. The barrel organ (vocalize with effects)
  • M. Durufle. Frog and bull
  • J. Ibert. Song of the pine-cone seller
  • G. Verkhovsky. Vaska the Cat
  • I. Kechakhnadze. Be wary of that river(poem by G. Tabidze)
  • A. Mellnes. Aglepta
  • Z. Kodaly. A gypsy was eating cheese
  • The Oak and the Ash. English folk song
  • Bulls in Pasajes. Basque folk song (adapted by T.Garbizu)
  • Christmas Song. Spanish folk song (adapted by V.Ruiz-Aznar)
  • Dana, Dana. Hungarian folk song (adapted by F.Farkas)
  • I have planted wormwood. Bulgarian folk song (adapted by G.Dimitrov)
  • Dance, dance. Slovak folk song (adapted by M.Reichl)
  • Kisono nakanorisan. Japanese folk song